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What makes a good credit rating?

A good credit rating gives a lender confidence that the money they lend will be repaid in a timely and agreed manner. People with a good credit rating usually have proven credit repayment history, job stability, electoral roll traceability and have been a resident in the same address for a lengthy period of time.

What makes a bad credit rating?

Bad credit ratings can make trying to find credit more difficult. If you have a history of missed credit repayments, default payments or CCJ's you will probably fall into the bad credit rating category. However there are other contributory factors that could also result in a poor credit rating such as repeat applications and repeat rejections, several address and employment changes. Having a bad credit rating doesn't mean you will be refused car loans, our finance tem will guide you through your options once you apply

How do I find out my credit rating?

If you would like to know your exact credit score there are several online sites available to you that can perform the necessary checks. You will find a selection on our Useful Links page. If however you are simply wondering which category you would typically fall in we can perform a simple check based on your answers on the form below.

Can I repair my credit rating?

Your credit score can improve over time providing you fulfil the terms of any new agreements and follow when possible best practises outlined in the "what makes a good credit rating?" question above. We are always available to advise you and over time we will endeavour to secure a better deal for you in the future.

Do I qualify for a car loan?

Obtaining car credit largely depends on your credit rating and varying factors designed to help lenders determine whether somebody is a reliable borrower or not. Other factors such as the affordability of the credit agreement will also be considered upon application. Once a lender has all necessary information they analyse the risk of lending the person the required amount and offer the loan on an individual basis.

What's a secured personal loan?

A secured loan is a loan in which the borrower pledges some asset (e.g. a car or property) as collateral for the loan, which then becomes a secured debt owed to the creditor who gives the loan.

What's the best way to compare different types of loans?

Our finance explained page will guide you through the different types of finance solutions available and will help you understand what the advantages are on the different packages.

Why choose Car Credit Assured?

We tailor your finance package based on your requirements and circumstances. We handle your application from start to finish and are always here to help. Buy your car with confidence from one of the UK largest dealer groups, which has over 70 locations and 5,000 vehicles in stock.We will guide you through the whole process from the application form through to delivery. There are no hidden fees or charges and this service is completely free of charge. We are in partnership with a panel of over 20 lenders, all specialising in different criteria, whatever your circumstance we'll have the right deal for you.

How do I apply?

Applying for car finance with Car Credit Assured is really easy, simply visit our dedicated apply now page and fill out our short questionnaire or call our finance team on 0330 108 3793.

Do I need to pay for your service?

No, the service we provide has been designed to ensure you have the right support available to help you purchase a vehicle. There are no hidden fees or charges, we are independent and are not a broker.

How long will the process take? When will I have my car?

The application process varies on an individual basis and can take from 20 minutes and 7 working days. In all cases purchasing the vehicle depends on the application process and whether you are accepted. We always strive for as smooth a process as possible and will keep you informed throughout the whole process.

To find out what certain terms mean visit our glossary page.

What's Involved?

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Car Credit Assured will make buying the car you want easy!

  1. Call or apply online - our finance team today on 0330 108 3793.
  2. Get a decision - We will search our panel of lenders to ensure the best result for your credit status and call you with a decision as quickly as possible.
  3. Arrange an appointment - To ensure you receive the best possible experience we will call you and arrange an appointment at one of our dealerships at your convenience.
  4. Pick up your car - Once all documentation is received we aim to have you driving away as soon as possible.

Why Apply?

  • Easy to get started
  • Completely free of charge
  • No obligations
  • Over 6,000 vehicles to choose from everyday
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