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Manager's comments

Matthew Mellor, Motorcycle General Sales Manager
Matthew Mellor, Motorcycle General Sales Manager ,

Vertu Honda Bikes Nottingham

"Honda's big, V4-powered adventure bike might have been something of an after-thought to the VFR1200F on which it's based - but in many ways it's a far better, longer-lived and more satisfying motorcycle. With a meaty, retuned, version of the motor originally developed for 2010's VFR sports-tourer (peak power is down from 160 to a still-healthy 127bhp to generate extra midrange), yet the same shaft drive and DCT semi-automatic gearbox option, the 1237cc V4 remains one of motorcycling's truly great powerplants. But by being carried in a more upright chassis, complete with longer-travel suspension and bigger 19" (in place of the VFR's 17") front wheel - with both hoops, incidentally, now natty, cross-spoke wires - and the whole plot now dressed in a far more handsome set of bodywork, Honda's V4 has blossomed into a classy, grand touring adventure bike -whereas before it was a slightly disappointing sports-tourer."

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Miles per gallon mpg
Engine power 127.4 bhp
CO2 0
Road tax £101


Vertu Honda Bikes Nottingham, Lenton Lane, Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2PT

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